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Mission - the 20-20 CCITE STEM Projects

[ A PREZI presentation entitled Raising the Bar: On-line STEM includes an outline description of the 20-20 approach and associated  on-line material including international STEM assessment, resources, communication and collaboration. This can be found at]

The major design task for CCITE is to produce the set of 20 cross-curricular student projects, investigations and problem-solving activities for each of Key Stage 2 and 3 which engage students in working in teams, supported by teachers and other mentors (older students, family, STEM ambassadors etc.). There are many examples of such activities already produced, such as the Nuffield Key Stage 3 Cross-Curricular STEM activities (STEM Futures and STEM Games) and the wide range of resources archived at the Gatsby-funded National STEM Centre in York, such as the Bowland Key Stage 3 Maths projects.  Very many schools now run STEM clubs attended by small groups of students.  There are also many good examples of Enhancement and Enrichment in the individual STEM subjects, such as those from NRICH.  What CCITE aims to do is to make the best possible ideas and resources readily available to all schools and pupils, supported by the best of modern affordable hardware and software – such as Raspberry Pi, GeoGebra and Scratch.  For a worked example see the Teachers TV video now located at: 

Here are links to potential sources of material:

1. The National STEM Centre (Gatsby funded):

2. Bowland KS3 maths:

3. Nuffield KS3 cross-curricular STEM: and 

4. QCDA Engaging Mathematics for All Learners 11-19 

5. SSAT STEM Pathfinders project:

6. Skinners school, Tonbridge Wells:


8. Cre8ate Maths, Yorks & Humberside:

9. LSIS, post-16 STEM:  

10. Texas Instruments STEM booklets: 

11. Teachers TV: 

12. Earth Science Teachers’ Association: 

13. LJ Create: 

14. British Science Association: 

15. Futuremorph (SHU): 

16. Promethean Bloodhound: 

17. TES:

18. Architecture Centre :